• Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015

Seems like less than a year since I last talked about the vintage, and in some ways 2015 was similar to 2014 – at least in terms of final outcome, although how we got there was quite different. I have said before that every vintage is different. You might think that after nineteen vintages we would be running out of ways in which they can be different, and maybe my memory of vintages past has blurred them all into a kind of rosy average!

But a number of weather circumstances made 2015 unique. First we had a cool and late spring, which delayed flowering and fruit set. Then we had the most gorgeous fine and warm weather throughout January and February. But the influence of the cool and delayed spring persisted, so that ripening was also a little later than in the wonderful 2013 and 2014 vintages, and “late” can sometimes mean “wet”. This brought on that peculiar psychiatric condition called winegrower’s pre-vintage anxiety syndrome. But while the autumn was relatively cool it remained generally fine throughout. This gave us fully ripe grapes in great condition, with slightly lower sugars, which means the wines should be elegant and refined, with the ability to age gracefully.

Three excellent vintages in a row, which I don’t think we have had before.

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New Release Wines

We are now releasing two reds from the great 2013 vintage – Carmenère and K Syrah.

Carmenère 2013
A lush, vibrant and powerful wine which will satisfy over a good many years if well cellared. Meantime, decant for an hour or so before serving to maximise enjoyment.

K Syrah 2013
A firm, savoury and sweet-fruited wine with a warm and satisfying finish. Nicely structured and balanced, this wine will also give pleasure over a number of years if well cellared.

The vineyard is in full autumn glory and we are loving being able to use the leaves on our winter platters. Come along if you can for a warm welcome and some new wines to enjoy.

Robin, Marion, Gabe and the team at Ransom Wines

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