Our Philosophy

Winemaking Philosophy

All the wines are made with grapes grown in our Mahurangi River Vineyard in the Matakana wine region just north of Auckland. As a small family run operation, our single vineyard wines celebrate the variations from one vintage to another, which makes each wine unique.  This avoids the manufactured uniformity which characterises much of the wine available today. Our aim is to maximise the advantage of our soils, climate and topography to produce wines of elegance and finesse which will complement food and age gracefully. Careful vineyard and winery management in accordance with the principles of sustainable winegrowing are core values of the Ransom Wines operation.


Food Philosophy

In keeping with our philosophy of making food wines, our Winebar menu features fresh, locally produced fare providing a wine and food taste sensation. The menu has been carefully designed to accompany as well as keep the focus on wine. The preparation of foods served on the platters all happens in the winery kitchen. Our platters have a unique quality and freshness that sets them apart from the usual.  The platters change dependent on the season with warm, comforting dishes in the winter and lively, refreshing salad dishes in the summer. Created to suit the size of your party or group, from two people to fifty two, this sharing aspect makes for a convivial food and wine celebration– you won’t be disappointed!


Dome Valley Orchards

This business seeks out seasonal produce from local growers. For all other produce, they deal directly with growers in South Auckland, bypassing the city markets. This means we are provided with fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Puhoi Valley Cheese

The winemaker and the cheese maker have worked together to devise a series of wine and cheese matches with their range of specialty cheeses.

Plume Cafe and Bakery

They supply us with a range of freshly baked breads: Turkish pide, Pane Italiano, Potato sourdough, French stick.

Matakana Coast Wine Country E.V.Olive Oil – Ransom Wines Brand

Our own olives are picked for this local cooperative. We trade pickling olives for our oil and process and marinate them at the winery. The oil is sold as well as served here.

Matakana Coffee Roasters

We use locally roasted coffee – a special blend created for us.

Other local foods

We also source directly locally produced walnuts, persimmons, limes, figs, pears, apples, strawberries, table grapes, mandarins, fennel bulb, beans, beetroot, courgettes, water melon, etc.
Our original intention was to create simple platters to serve at the winebar by assembling items on large plates using purchased products such as dips, chutneys and marinated vegetables etc.  After a couple of taste trials of the range of products available in bulk, we made the discovery that they tend to have a sameness in flavour and that vinegar is often a main ingredient, a flavour which would not complement wine tasting. This discovery lead us immediately to decide to create as much of the food as possible in the winery kitchen. The winebar menu is limited so that we can maintain a small team of committed kitchen and winebar staff.  The actual platters on which we serve the food, are made for us by a local craftsman using our old wine barrels. (These are sought after by customers and we do sell them – often there is a waiting list for them.) All the dips and vegetable dishes are made in a fresh and flavoursome style and intended to be a taste adventure, but not too spicy to detract from the wine which is our main topic. Ingredients are sourced locally as far as possible and change with the seasons, which creates variation and interest for our many regulars. Our children’s platters are made of all that is good for them – fresh veges, bread rolls, cheese and meat slices, fresh and dried fruits and nuts, served appealingly so that children feel special and can help themselves. Our own gardens provide olives, herbs and citrus fruit. Our vineyard-grown lemons are used for limoncello which we make in the kitchen and sell at the cellar door – the by-product is used for home-made lemon cordial which we serve in summer.