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In some ways 2016 was a challenge – rain through early and mid-summer made for pretty moist soil, and then showery conditions over harvest ensured we had to keep a close eye on the weather. On the other hand there was plenty of sunshine and heat right throughout the summer. In terms of volume our crop this year was average-sized, but we think wine quality in general will well exceed average: there have been some gorgeous aromas emanating from the winery in the last few weeks, and the ferments are all shaping up pretty nicely.


This is a brand new wine. It is made from pinot gris grapes, but made in the style of red wine: after de-stemming and crushing the juice and skins were kept together for the first week while the wild vineyard yeasts took hold. The juice was then separated from the skins and drained to seasoned barrels for the remainder of the fermentation, a period of about two months. The wine remained in barrel and on lees for another seven months, before bottling, without filtration, in February this year. The result is a deeply coloured, full-bodied, rich and flavoursome wine.

This style, often called “orange” wine because of its colour, is gaining popularity. In fact it is nothing new – it harks back to the way white wine was made before modern techniques and equipment were developed. It should be consumed at ambient temperature in the cooler months and lightly chilled in warmer months.

Robin, Marion, Gabe and the team at Ransom Wines

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